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Long Live The Wild can help. Owned and operated by Courtney Dellafiora, LLTW specializes in creating and guiding adventures. Courtney has over 20 years of experience traveling internationally. At age 11 she received the first stamp in her passport when her family moved to Peru. She has been traveling all over the world experiencing and embracing different cultures ever since. 

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Her world travel resume includes Greece, Iceland, England, Scotland, Peru, France, Jamaica, Aruba, Mexico, Thailand and Italy. She has a passion for adventures and a knack for planning them. 

She has over 19 years of photography experience and sees the world through the eyes of an artist. She is always looking for the most photogenic moments and locations when planning her adventures. 

She is experienced in guiding groups. She has organized and lead them in Peru, England and Greece.  

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She is fearless yet wise, spontaneous yet organized,
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Thank you for taking the time to look around and get to know me a little better. I am beyond excited for the opportunity to show the world to you. I hope you will join me on upcoming adventures to explore our stunning planet! I look forward to sharing magical memories with you. 

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Are you ready to experience one of the most magical places on earth? Below you will find all of the information about our upcoming trips to ICELAND in 2017. 

There are currently two trips available to Iceland this year. Registration for each trip is now open. There are only 6 available openings for each trip. These trips are meant to remain small and intimate as to give each person a truly fulfilling experience on this adventure. 

Courtney will be the driver and guide in Iceland. She will be taking you to various different locations in the South of Iceland and will show you all of her favorite spots. This experience will be laid back but also one that will you remember for a lifetime. 

The adventure will begin with Courtney picking you up from the airport in Iceland, driving you across the southern region of Iceland (making several fun-filled stops along the way) and ending the trip in the city of Reykjavik. (Iceland's capital.)

all the details

• July 1-9, 2017
• Sept 9-17, 2017

• $3100 (FOR JULY)

• 1 hour photoshoot with Courtney in Iceland: $250

• Round trip, non-stop flight to Iceland from JFK
• 7 nights hotel accommodation (twin share) 
• Transport costs (driving across Southern Iceland)
• Breakfast each morning
• Blue Lagoon Entrance
• A freaking amazing time ;)

• airfare to JFK (you will need to make your way to JFK on or before July 1/Sept 9)
• lunch and dinner (there are several options, read COMMON QUESTIONS to learn more)



1. What are the two major differences between going to Iceland in July or September? 

In July the days are very long. The sun rises around 3am and sets close to midnight. (Hello beautiful midnight sunset!!) So what this means is we will have the opportunity to stay out adventuring longer and will have more time to see/do things as opposed to the shorter winter days. In September the days are shorter (sunrise around 6:30am, sunset around 8pm) meaning the nights are longer, therefore there is a possibility of seeing the Aurora Borealis while there. 

2. What is the weather like?

It is cold in Iceland but not miserably freezing. July average temps are in the 50s (F) and September average temps are in the 40s (F). It can be very windy sometimes and the rain comes and goes at any moment, always creating the most magical and different perspectives of this place. However, even though it rains sometimes, adventures still continue on. ;)

3. What will our food options be?

Breakfast will be provided each morning. Lunch and dinners will vary. Eating in Iceland can vary between both cheap or expensive. Options will depend on your food budget. There will be opportunities to purchase groceries for snacks and meals. There will also be plenty of chances to stop at the local gas stations (which usually are small grocery stores in addition to being gas stations) to purchase more snacks or get yourself an Iceland hotdog. (They are very cheap, popular and delicious!) We will also have the opportunity to eat at restaurants from time to time. Just keep in mind the restaurants are much more expensive than the hotdog/grocery options but are certainly delicious and completely up to you!

4. Will the trip's schedule be super strict? 

Not at all. There will be an organized timeline of certain things happening on each day, however it will still be very laid back with plenty of opportunity to  allow spontaneity and a change of plan as desired or needed.



5. Will I need any additional spending money? 

For eating, yes. Anything additional to that is completely up to you. There will definitely be opportunities for shopping and drinking as well. They accept credit cards everywhere in Iceland, but you are also welcome to exchange your cash money to ISK (Icelandic Krona) if you prefer (at the airport in Iceland or before you leave the USA). 

6. What is the difference between Courtney and a travel guide?

Most travel guides have you riding on a bus, driving past all these amazing sites that you wish you could see and touch while giving you a "lecturous" history lesson about the places that you're passing by. Or giving you a set of headphones on "a short leash" only allowing you to walk a few feet away whilst you are wishing you could explore and be free of a strict schedule. 
When traveling with Courtney as your guide, you will visit pre-planned areas but also have the freedom to follow your sense of wonder. There won't be strict timelines or impersonal lectures. Each trip has been pre-scouted personally by Courtney and while she will take you to popular landmarks, you will also have the opportunity to experience hidden locations. 

With a guide your trip will be limited, with Courtney your experience will be an adventure. 

7. What type of transportation will we have in Iceland? 

We will be driving in a 4x4 SUV. Because of this we are able to take intimate tailor-made adventures with new exciting people instead of being limited by a crowded bus full of strangers and only going to touristy destinations. 

Any additional questions, please email 




• $1000 deposit to book your spot (for either July or September)
• Balance is due 30 days before trip. (June 1st for July trip / August 9 for September trip)

EMAIL: to let us know you're ready to book and we will send over all the info to get you reserved!


• Registration for the July trip closes on February 15, 2017  (or when all 6 spots are filled).

• Registration for the September trip closes on March 15, 2017  (or when all 6 spots are filled). 


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